The data analytics core will maximize knowledge about how the state's treatment systems are performing, including where they are operating optimally and where we need to invest more resources.

The Center is developing a statewide Opioid Use Disorder Treatment Performance Measurement System (OTPMS) based on the Opioid Cascade of Care, using four data domains: 

  1. Diagnosis/identification of opioid use disorder (OUD)

  2. Engagement in treatment 

  3. Receipt of OUD medication 

  4. Retention in treatment and recovery 

Beginning with Medicaid data, the OTPMS will produce a high-level overview for policymakers, the Center’s academic and agency partners, and South Carolina localities to: 

  • Inform targeted investments through county-level data reports 

  • Guide clinical interventions 

  • Improve treatment access 

  • Target training and technical assistance  

  • Drive policy initiatives